Environment Care

Metalcraft Auto Parts & Accessories (P) Ltd. located in Delhi, India is a company, which is environmentally responsible. While our mainf aim is to manufacture silencers for 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, and as per the O.E.specifications, we are aware of our duties towards the society, environment, and industry at large. This is the reason, since our establishment we have incorporated the idea of the company being a vital member in positively contributing towards protecting the environment. In order to control water pollution we have set up Water Treatment plant in our organization. Proper attention is also given in manufacturing unit to reduce the sound and other relevant pollution. This care is exhibited in the automotive exhaust systems, which we manufacture, as they designed in such a manner to minimize pollution and in this way, protect the environment. Furthermore, our policies and management systems are planned with the aim of minimizing the influence of our processes on the environment. This shows we can protect the environment by making use of the mufflers manufactured by our company, as they help to reduce pollution.